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Food Preparation and Nutrition Exam Practical

Last week, our Year 11 students completed their Food Preparation and Nutrition NEA.

It was a great opportunity to put their skills to work and create something that could be served in a real resteraunt.

The brief was:

A local café wants to update their menu to provide home-made nutritious dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Research, prepare and cook 3 dishes (and accompaniments, if appropriate) that demonstrate your technical skills, are innovative and appetising, and would meet the menu requirements.

Lucie’s Dish

Lucie cooked a Chicken and Vegetable Soup with bread and butter on the side to start.

For main, she cooked a delicious Chicken Burger with side salad.

For dessert, she made a fantastic seasonal Eaton Mess – gingerbread style!

A very talented chef who should be very proud of herself.

Mason’s Dish

Mason cooked a traditional British platter with Scotch Egg, Sausage Rolls and Pork Pies.

For main, he cooked a very tasty Fish Pie.

For his other main, he cooked a traditional Chicken Burger and Chips with homemade Barbeque Sauce.

His meal fit the spec perfectly for a café experience.