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Accessibility Plan 2022-23

Co-op Academy Failsworth

Accessibility Plan 2022-2023

Issue 3

Approved:        24th November 2022 – AGC 2

Review:        September 2025

Accessibility Plan


The Accessibility Policy takes careful account of the Equality Act 2010 and is compliant with current legislation and requirements as specified in Schedule 10, relating to Disability, of the Equality Act 2010.  

Co-op Academy Failsworth is an inclusive school where all students are made to feel welcome and valued.  Our Academy vision is for our school to be a “centre of excellence” where the day in day out experience is outstanding for all.  Through this we want to ensure that pupils experience and enjoy a high-quality learning experience enabling them to reach their full potential.  All children have skills, talents and abilities and as an academy we have a responsibility to develop these to the full. 


The governing body recognises the need to ensure that students can access their school fully.  As a result, we aim to:

  1. Increase the extent to which students with disabilities can participate in the school curriculum and attain success in line with their ability, making reasonable adjustments to ensure that this happens;
  2. Improve the environment of the school to increase the extent to which pupils with disabilities can take advantage of education and associated service;
  3. Improving information delivery to students with disabilities.

The governing body recognises the need to ensure access to the school, information and events for parents, carers and other family members with disabilities and will:

  • Ensure that information is clear, timely and accessible for all and use creative means of contacting family members to pass on or present information when necessary
  • Ensure that events are accessible, physically and cognitively, for family members
  • Ensure that family needs are considered when arranging meetings

The governing body also recognises its responsibilities towards employees with disabilities and will:

  • Monitor recruitment procedures to ensure that persons with disabilities are provided with equal opportunities
  • Ensure that employees with disabilities are supported with special provision to ensure that they can carry out their work effectively without barriers.
  • Undertake reasonable adjustments to enable staff to access the workplace.

The plan will be resourced, implemented, reviewed and revised in consultation with the:

Parents of students



External partners

Current Provision

  1. Increase the extent to which students with disabilities can participate in the school curriculum and attain success in line with their ability, making reasonable adjustments to ensure that this happens.

Co-op Academy Failsworth offers a broad and balanced curriculum for all students.  We provide specialist provision to support students with learning difficulties to access the curriculum.

  • All pupils on our SEND register have a Pupil Passport, written by gaining the views of the student and their parents.  The Pupil passport informs colleagues of the specific learning needs of pupils so that necessary adjustments can be made in lessons.
  • Staff work with colleagues from the SEN Department to develop strategies for inclusion as well as contribute to the review of pupil progress.
  • All students take part in all aspects of the curriculum including physical activities.  Where this is not possible a risk assessment is completed drawing on advice from relevant professionals.  An alternative plan will be devised with the pupil and parents.
  • Where it is identified that students need a more specialist provision it is provided through our Nurture Curriculum in years 7&8 and an alternative GCSE pathway is provided for students in years 9-11.
  • Academy visits are accessible to all students irrespective of attainment or impairment.
  • Staff continue to receive regular updates on students on our SEND register through staff briefings, SEND drop ins and New Staff Induction CPD programme.
  • The Academy has a strong transition programme to allow pupils identified by primary schools the opportunity to make additional transition visits.  This allows us to create Pupil Passports prior to students formally starting with us in September.
  • The Academy is able to screen pupils taking into account reading ages and other assessments to enable us to identify students who require intervention or access arrangements for formal assessments in line with JCQ regulations.
  • Extra-curricular activities are inclusive.

  1. Improve the environment of the school to increase the extent to which pupils with disabilities can take advantage of education and associated service.

Co-op Academy Failsworth aims to remove physical barriers and aims to improve access to the physical environment, adding specialist facilities as necessary.

  • The Academy has 3 lifts to allow pupils, staff and visitors who require assistance to move between the two floors of the building.  These are controlled by lift keys.  This allows pupils’ access to Science, Maths, ICT, Languages and English Departments as well as our Gold Area for SEND pupils.
  • The Academy also has disabled toilets on both floors
  • Ramps allow access to the ground floor of the building.  
  • Fire and evacuation procedures for pupils and staff are in place that take into account what happens when lifts are inaccessible.
  • Classrooms have sufficient space for all children and young people.  Adjustments such as desk height for those students who require wheelchair access can be made where necessary.
  • Kier who manage the PFI building ensure that the building itself is compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and supports the Academy positively.
  1. Improving information delivery to students with disabilities

Co-op Academy Failsworth considers the needs and requirements of all abilities and with varying needs when communicating information, both verbally and in writing.

  • Parents’ Evenings are key events, with all students and parents encouraged to attend, with phone calls made to individual families when needed.  There is always a member of the SEND team available on these evenings.
  • Parents of students with special educational needs have the opportunity to attend additional meetings with the SENCO.
  • The Academy writes and reviews Pupil Passports with pupils and parents.  These are regularly reviewed to ensure pupil needs are catered for.
  • Effective examination access arrangements allow for access in examination situations.  
  • Careers and options packages are carefully planned to ensure that information is delivered effectively to pupils, parents and carers.

Plans and areas for development

Co-op Academy Failsworth will continue to make “reasonable adjustments” to ensure that disabled students, parents or visitors attending the school are not discriminated against.  Making reasonable adjustments could include:

  • Changes to practices and procedures
  • Changes to physical features
  • Changes to how learners are assessed
  • Providing extra support and aids (such as specialist teachers or equipment)



Person Responsible

Success Criteria


Increasing access for disabled students to the curriculum.

Ongoing programme of staff training in disability awareness to reflect the diverse needs of pupils.

SENCO and SLG link

New staff induction includes training on SEND needs and strategies.

SEND Briefings and SEND Curriculum reading provides additional support for all staff.

September 2019 and ongoing through CPD Calendar

Improving access to the physical environment.

Increase site access to meet the diverse needs of students and staff.

Site team, SLT

Review the accessibility plan as new students enter the school to ensure their needs are met.

September 2019 and ongoing reviews

Improving the delivery information to disabled students.

Ensure that information for parents is sent home in an accessible format.

Continue to review and communicate with regards to changes in curriculum at transition points (GCSE Options and transition to further education)

SLT/Pastoral teams

Implementation of SIMs app to send electronic messages to parents.

SEND pupils supported with applications and options choices ensuring parental involvement and preparing students to face changes at key points of their education.

September 2019



Reason for Change



July 2019

Policy Reviewed



September 2020

Policy reviewed



October 2022

Line added that access arrangements are assessed in line with JCQ regulations.


 Change Control Log