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Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF)

The Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF) is a government initiative that aims to provide healthy food and enriching activities during school holidays, primarily to children and young people aged 5 to 16 who are eligible for free school meals. It is funded by the Department for Education (DfE). 

However, there is also a selection of activities and events that children who don’t qualify for free school meals can enjoy too, as well as younger and older children in the family.

Many providers will have places available for children and young people not eligible for free school meals that you can pay for. Get in touch with them to find out if this is an option. 

Please note when making a booking as part of our latest programme of events, that this is only a provisional booking until you have had your place confirmed by the provider. Please also remember to check your email’s junk folder if you haven’t received a response.

Our aim is for Oldham’s children to socialise, learn and play during the holidays and have a great time doing it.

Book your place at

This year’s programme includes:

  • School holiday activities
  • Healthy and nutritious meals for all children and young people attending
  • A wide range of fun, physical and enriching activities
  • Education around healthy eating and preparing food
  • Information and advice for parents and carers
  • A safe space for children to interreact with others

If you think you might be eligible for benefits related free school meals, but do not currently claim them, you can find information about how to apply on the Oldham Council website.