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Our ambitious and knowledge rich curriculum provides students with a dynamic journey of learning, supporting them in their progress from novice to expert. 

At Co-op Academy Failsworth, our goal is to guide our students on their journey  from novice to expert through knowledge and the development of character.

Our curriculum aims to:

  • unlock the potential of our students through powerful knowledge and the development of character so that they leave us prepared for their next steps
  • ensure all students develop deep, long-lasting knowledge which provides strong foundations for future learning, regardless of their starting points
  • develop the knowledge and cultural capital required in students to understand, engage with and influence the world around them so they can communicate, engage and challenge the world around them confidently and critically 
  • provide students with knowledge and experiences which transcend their everyday lived experiences whilst acknowledging and celebrating their differences

Curriculum Statement

We are fully committed to supporting our students to live in a rapidly changing world, where independence and resilience are key to future success.

Alongside our academic curriculum, we ensure that students develop cooperative behaviours. These behaviours are promoted through our Academy Values which are rooted in the Ways of Being Co-op.

These ways of being are four simple but powerful statements that underpin everything that we do.


Curriculum Intent

With the curriculum at the core of our thinking, we carefully considered a number of key questions to decide what our curriculum should look like, how we ensure it is coherent, high quality and provides inclusive opportunities for all, how the thread of the co-operative values, principles and Ways of Being and principles run throughout and how it supports our vision being realised.


Curriculum Implementation

Our expert teachers utilise techniques to establish high expectations in their classrooms. The precise focus on pedagogical techniques coupled with the shared language this framework provides, ensures our student experience consistently high expectations, regardless of the teacher or the lesson. 


Curriculum Impact

At the heart of our approach is Responsive Teaching.

This is where teachers use live formative information to respond to the learning needs of their students, making professional judgements on the knowledge acquired, the subsequent retrieval required and application of this knowledge into a contextual framework.

They use this information to respond, adapt their pedagogy accordingly and think deeply about the lessons they teach.



Teachers within our Academy aim to future-proof students' learning and knowledge by ensuring feedback is bespoke, timely and administered in the most efficient way.


Departments and Subjects

Find out more about the different subjects we teach.