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Special Education Needs

Our SENCo is Kate Darlington

The SENCo is responsible for the day-to-day running of SEND.

Contact via email or 0161 688 3900

Our SEND Vision



The Hub

The Hub is a support centre within the Academy. Students who have been identified as needing additional support in a smaller class setting, for a variety of reasons, will attend.

Students in the Hub will follow a strong curriculum that is tailored to meet their individual needs that broadly mirrors that within the main building. Gaps in academic knowledge will be addressed and a focus is to celebrate what students can succeed in.

The staff at the Hub are highly skilled and work with the students’ individual needs in mind. The staff provide high challenge, aspirational targets and engagement in their teaching and work with the students using a holistic approach that is mindful of what social/emotional skills the students may need guidance on.

The centre has a proven track record of improving pupils’ attendance of school and improved outcomes for pupils as they reintegrate into a learning setting who may have spent time away from a classroom. The ultimate aim of the Hub provision is to transition the pupils back into a calm classroom and learning environment and we have been successful in doing this.

Think your child may benefit from support from The Hub? Contact our Assistant Headteacher –

Mr Smith

Contact via direct line – 0161 688 3900